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Ryan Longwell’s Inspiration…Tiger Woods.

Photo by P.J.S.

Photo by P.J.S.

This has been a good year for Ryan Longwell as he has made 29 of his 34 field goals, including the game winning field goal against the New York Giants last Sunday that allowed the Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC North outright. When mentioning his inspirations, however, one would not expect to hear that Tiger Woods is on the list. “He’s already the best in the world, but he’s trying to get better, so I kind of looked at that,” Longwell said. “On top of that, because we are around each other, I get to see how hard he works.” Longwell and Woods live near each other in Florida and occasionally they work out in the same gym. Regarding Wood’s workout regimine, Longwell said that “people don’t realize that he goes out and runs three or four miles on a Tuesday of a tournament week. I watched him, and I realize I can get better at what I do. Just because I’ve done it for 10 years doesn’t mean you don’t want to change because it’s worked. I took that approach, and it can either work or it doesn’t, and luckily it has.” Things have definitely worked out this year for Longwell, as he is currently having one of the best years of his career hitting all 6 of his field goal attemps outside of 50 yards and making all of his extra point kicks. The Vikings hope his hot streak will continue in the playoffs, as they begin they postseason against the Philidelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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