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Verdasco Confirms Relationship with Ivanovic?

Photo by tripletrouble.

Photo by tripletrouble.

Fernando Verdasco and rumored girlfriend Ana Ivanovic are both currently playing in the Brisbane and interestingly enough, they had matches one after the other in the Monday night session. It was Verdasco’s quotes to the press that have garnered the most attention. When speaking about spending time together during a tournament, Verdasco stated that “I think that when we are in the tournaments we are working and we are doing our jobs.  We are here now to play the tournament, not to be (spending) time together, or stay like a normal couple. So I will try and she will try her best in the tournaments and then after the tournament we will have time together, maybe.”

Both Ivanovic and Verdasco were also asked whether or not they would stay after a match to watch the other one play. Ivanovic said “I have a couple more things I have to do. Afterwards, maybe. But also, it’s a late night so I have to do some recovery – and tennis comes first.” Verdasco, on the other hand, responded by saying “I was watching her match because I was on after. But if I had to play tomorrow and she was playing (after) tonight, I would be at the hotel resting.  Here we’re doing our jobs. We will have time to be together after the Australian Open. For now, it’s time to play tennis and to be focused on it.”

It seems like they both have similar views about their job; but, it is interesting that Verdasco talks about them spending time together and being a couple. Is he officially saying that they are dating?

Here is a video of them leaving a Real Madrid match in December.

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