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Murray Doesn’t Believe He is the Aussie Open Favorite

Photo via Forty Deuce.

Photo via Forty Deuce.

If you watch just one Wimbledon match, you will quickly see that the British are passionate about tennis. In fact, tennis is one of the more popular sports in Britain, whereas the same cannot be said for the sport’s popularity in the United States. So, the fact that it has been 73 years since a Brit has won a grand slam title is something that Scotsman Andy Murray is very aware of, as the Brits are constantly reminding him.

This year will certainly be his best chance to win the first grand slam of the season, the Australian Open, and many are already naming him the favorite, after his win in Qatar and his two consecutive wins over 2nd ranked Roger Federer. Murray, however, is shrugging off the “favorite” label as the Aussie Open draws near, possibly in an attempt to lessen the amount of pressure that is being placed on him, both by the media and by all of Britain.

“I just need to concentrate on each match and fight hard as every round will be tough. I am one of the top guys but I don’t know if I am the favorite at the Australian Open,” said 4th ranked Murray. “There is Roger [Federer], Rafa [Nadal], and Novak [Djokovic] who won last year. I like playing in Melbourne but I did not play well last year. What excites me is that I don’t think I’m close to my best tennis. I still think I can play better and improve things.”

The Australian Open begins on January 19th. The draw will be released on January 16th.

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