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Video of the Day

Photo by Eric Kilby.

Photo by Eric Kilby.

It’s that time of year, when the end of the NFL season is drawing near and the NBA season is beginning to heat up. So, if you are just now beginning to pay attention to the NBA season, here are my 10 predictions for the rest of the season.

1) The Celtics will not repeat as champions.

2) Cleveland will make the NBA finals. (I’m not sure they will be able to win it all, just yet.)

3) Phoenix will continue to improve and they will make a solid playoff run.

4) Minnesota will have a much better record at the end of the season than expected, given that they won only 6 games total before their current 5-game winning streak).

5) Oklahoma City will win less than 20 games this season.

6) LeBron James will be the MVP.

7) Phoenix and San Antonio will meet again in the playoffs.

8 ) San Antonio will win the Southwest division.

9) Dallas will not make the playoffs.

10) Boston will have more than 20 losses this season.

The Video of the Day is the NBA TV Top 10 Plays from Friday’s games. It shows many impressive plays, including some from the superstars of the league including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Hopefully, this will get you all geared-up for the rest of the season. Enjoy!

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