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Tennis Grand Slam Predictions

Photo by Rafael Armado Deras.

Photo of Serena Williams by Rafael Armado Deras.

The first Grand Slam of the season, the Australian Open, begins on Sunday, so, I decided to give my predictions for not just the Aussie; but, all four majors. If you don’t agree with my choices, feel free to comment with your predictions!!! So, without further ado, I will start with my predictions for the women.

Australian Open: None of the women have looked too impressive yet; but, I simply cannot ignore Jelena Jankovic’s intense training in the offseason. While I saw pictures of Ana Ivanovic running around Spain with boyfriend Fernando Verdasco or hitting the beaches with Australian golfer Adam Scott, I saw pictures of Jankovic training. All of the other top women, particularly Ivanovic and Serena Williams, seemed to be photgraphed non-stop for magazines, social events, or out spending time with friends and family; but, Jankovic was consistenly photographed training. That’s not to say she didn’t have fun with her Montenegrin water polo boy-toy over New Year’s; but, she just seemed to be training more than the others. In addition, I think that Jankovic is eager to win a major, so that she will no longer have to deal with the criticism that surrounds her number one ranking. I think that she will get it done here.

Photo by Yann Caradec.

Photo of Ana Ivanovic by Yann Caradec.

French Open: Ana Ivanovic has struggled since she became number one in the world in the middle of last season; but, this is her tournament to shine. Few of the top women can play well on the clay of Roland Garros and out of all of them, Ivanovic is certainly the most accustomed to the surface. Ivanovic has had trouble with performing under pressure in the past; but, I just can’t see anyone defeating her on clay. She will turn around her season by succesfully defending her title here.

Wimbledon: Just when you thought that it was going to be another year of the Serbs, Wimbledon comes around to change everything. Venus and Serena Willams are nowhere near as consistent as they were in their prime; but, they still know how to perform on the greens of Wimbledon. If she is healthy, I expect Maria Sharapova to give both Williams sisters a run for their money; but, I can’t imagine that Sharapova will have played enough matches at this point to be prepared enough to win a Grand Slam. Therefore, I am going to say that Serena Williams will win Wimbledon. Either Williams sister can do it; but, Serena has been more consistent that her sister, as of late.

Photo by Maria Sharapova by The Eternity.

Photo by Maria Sharapova by The Eternity.

U.S. Open: Maria Sharapova has recently been plagued by injuries; but, I expect her to turn everything around here. She is one of the toughest women in the game when the Grand Slams come around and before her play was hampered by injuries, she was playing better than anyone else on tour. She is a proven winner who has won this tournament in the past. When everyone else is tired from playing all season, Sharapova should feel a bit more refreshed as she will not begin playing until later in the season.

So, for a recap, I predicted Jelena Jankovic (Australian Open), Ana Ivanovic (French Open), Serena Williams (Wimbledon), and Maria Sharapova (U.S. Open) to win the Grand Slams on the women’s side this season. Here are my predictions for the men.

Australian Open: Everyone is picking Andy Murray; but, I just can’t imagine him winning a major tournament just yet. Murray has played well lately; but, in the majors, he just hasn’t been able to play with the big boys. He has battled injuries and fatigue in Grand Slams in the past and has had a tendency to crumble when playing Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic in the later rounds of a Grand Slam. He may not be afraid of playing Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer; but, playing in the final of a Grand Slam will definitely be a nerve-wrecking experience for him, though I don’t even expect him to make it that far in this one. With Djokovic and Federer struggling, I expect Nadal to come through

Photo of Rafael Nadal by The Eternity.

Photo of Rafael Nadal by The Eternity.

and win his first major on a hard court. He had a solid run last season, where he lost in the semifinals to Tsonga who was having the best tournament of his career, and though he hasn’t looked spectacular thus far, he has looked stronger than either of his two closest rivals. In addition, Nadal is healthy, which is a key reason why I am picking him to win. Nadal has a tendency to have some close matches in the first few rounds of a major; but, he continues to get better as he gets more matches under his belt. So, expect Nadal to look strong when he defeats Federer in the final.

French Open: No contest! Roland Garros is Rafael Nadal’s home away from home. He has never lost here and insanely enough has gotten stronger every year. I expect him to easily win again. Nobody can match him here.

Photo of Andy Murray by JMP Photography LLC.

Photo of Andy Murray by JMP Photography LLC.

Wimbledon: This will likely be the most intriguing major of the year, as many of the men are capable of winning; but, I expect Federer to win it. This was his tournament to lose, before Nadal won it last year, and Fed will be set on getting this title back from his biggest rival. Murray will also have a strong run; but, the pressure of playing in Wimbledon with all of the Brits watching will likely hinder him.

U.S. Open: The U.S. Open is where Murray comes back into the puzzle. Nadal and Federer will likely be worn-out by the time this major comes around and Djokovic is never the most consistent player on tour; so, I expect Murray to take advantage to get his first Grand Slam title. Murray is talented; but, he needs a major victory in order to be placed with the likes of Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic and I can’t imagine it coming at any other tournament than this one. The always emotional and passionate Murray will be able to feed off of the New York crowds to help him take the title.

Here is a recap of my predictions for the men, as I expect Rafael Nadal (Australian Open, French Open), Roger Federer (Wimbledon), and Andy Murray (U.S. Open) to win Grand Slams this season.

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