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Crazy Day of College Hoops

Photo of Malcolm Delaney by Kevin H.

Photo of Malcolm Delaney by Kevin H.

I hope Wake Forest enjoyed their time as number 1, because it won’t last for much longer since they were dumped today by a strong Virginia Tech Hokies team, 78-71. Malcolm Delaney, of the Hokies, led his team to victory with 21 pts and 8 rebounds. Wake Forests’s typically stout defense folded against Virginia Tech, who they allowed to shoot 50 percent. The Deamon Deacons better quickly get over this loss because their next game is against 2nd ranked Duke.

7th ranked Michigan St. was also upset today, as Northwestern defeated them 70-63. The Spartans had previously held a 28-game winning streak at home. The Wildcats were led by Kevin Coble, who had 31 pts, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals in the victory against the Spartans. This game was likely decided by turnovers, as Michigan St. had 18 to Northwestern’s 7. The Spartans, however, are still in the lead in the Big Ten with a 5-1 conference record. They will next face Ohio St.

In the always tumultuous Big East, 3rd ranked Connecticut defeated 20th ranked Villanova, 89-83. Also, fresh off of their win over then number 1 ranked Pittsburgh, Louisville crushed Rutgers, 78-59. Louisville is now tied with Marquette for the lead in the Big East.

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