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Czisny Wins the Gold

Photo of Alissa Czisny by Eigenes Werk.

Photo of Alissa Czisny by Eigenes Werk.

In the past, Alissa Czisny has been beautiful to watch, that is, when she wasn’t jumping. The Ohio native has struggled with the consistency of her jumps for years, but at the U.S. Nationals Short Program she was finally able to pull it all together. In eight senior nationals, this was by far her strongest appearance, as she scored a personal-best 65.75 in the short program, which was good enough for a 5.56-point lead over her closest competitor, Rachael Flatt.

Czisny, who skated to “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens, talked about her recent transformation on the ice by saying that “It’s hard to describe, but I enjoy skating more. I really enjoy the challenge of it, whereas before I was a little more nervous. Now I try to enjoy the whole process of it.” Even Olympic champion Brian Boitano, who has recently been assisting Czisny, was quick to praise her performance. “Awesome! She was awesome. She should be proud of herself. She nailed it. I’m so proud of her.”

UPDATE: Czisny won the gold over Rachael Flatt.

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