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Abbott Wins the Men’s US Nationals

Photo of Jeremy Abbott by Dave W. Carmichael.

Photo of Jeremy Abbott by Dave W. Carmichael.

It was a shocker in the men’s US Nationals figure skating competition, as it was the first time in five years that neither Evan Lysacek nor Johnny Weir took the title. Abbot, who led after the short program, didn’t skate perfectly in his free skate, but after Lysacek made several mistakes in his program, he didn’t need to be perfect to win the title. Abbot has been on a roll lately, as he won the Grand Prix Final in December. No doubt his program didn’t nearly have the difficulty, but Abbott’s program had the artistry and fluidity that Lysacek’s lacked. It was Abbott’s passion and determination that clearly allowed him to take the gold.

Lysacek and Weir, on the other hand, struggled in their long programs. Lysacek was tentative on his jumps and it cost him valuable points, as he fell hard on his quadruple toe loop and he looked off balance on both his triple salchow and his second triple axel. Weir was never even in the mix. After finishing seventh in the short program, he looked to redeem himself in the long program, instead, everything unraveled. He popped his opening jump, a triple axel, doubled a triple loop, and fell on a triple flip. While waiting for his scores, he looked physically drained, as tears rolled down his cheeks. His fate is now out of his control, as the men’s team for the World Champions will be selected later tonight and due to his poor performance, Weir may very well be missing his first World Championships since 2003.

The man who may be taking Weir’s place is Brandon Mroz w had, by far, the cleanest program of the day, which catapulted him into second place. In what was his first US Nationals at the senior level, Mroz was flawless, as he landed a quadruple toe loop and eight triple jumps.

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