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Serena Smashes Safina

Photo of Serena Williams by Sascha Wenninger.    

Photo of Serena Williams by Sascha Wenninger.

It only took 59 minutes for Serena Williams to demolish Dinara Safina in the Australian Open final, which will catapult her to number one when the new rankings come out. Williams had struggled prior to this match, but she was able to raise her game when it mattered most to defeat the number 3 seed, Safina, 6-0,6-3. It was such a brutal defeat the Safina, who has arguably been the most consistent player on tour since the Beijing Olympics, didn’t even feel like she belonged on the court with Williams. After the match, Safina apologized to the crowd and said “Serena was too good … I was just a ballboy on the court today. She played exactly the way she had to play and she was much more aggressive and she just was taking time out of me. She didn’t give me a chance.”

Even Williams admitted that it had been a tough tournament for her, but that she was able to persevere. “I was playing lazy tennis in the beginning and I was doubting myself. I’ll thank my mom for hanging in there this week. The first week was tough, but we got through it. It was definitely one of my most dominant performances, especially considering it was a final. I was able to just lift the level of my game.”

This is Williams’ 10th grand slam title, which puts her in elite company, as only six women in history have more grand slam titles than her.

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