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Jordyn Wieber, Fabien Hambuchen win at Tyson’s American Cup

Move aside Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson, the new face of American gymnastics Jordyn Wieber. Wieber, who is only thirteen years old, was dominant from the beginning of the competition. This was the current junior world champion’s first taste of international competition and, based upon today’s result, she is definitely ready to compete with the top gymnasts in the world at the senior level. Wieber looked particularly strong on the balance beam, where she was able to execute tough elements in an elegant fashion. She described her win by saying that “It was really great. I feel really honored…I just hope they [the judges] saw me as a really consistent gymnast.” 

Germany’s Fabian Hambuchen was also victorious at the Tyson’s American Cup and it was his best event that catapulted him into that position. He was in a close fight with the American David Sender for most of the competiton. However, on the high bar, which was the final event, Sender faultered and Hambuchen wowed the crowd with a nearly flawless performance. 

If you have yet to see Wieber or Hambuchen, here is Wieber performing on the balance beam in 2008 and Hambuchen performing on the high bar at the Beijing Olympics:

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