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Nadal Leads Spain to Davis Cup Quarterfinals

SpainbenchdcAfter the way he played this week, Rafael Nadal will be eager to begin the clay-portion of the season, later this year. The Serbs found Nadal to be simply unstoppable, as he steamrolled Janko Tipsarevic in his first match and he defeated Novak Djokovic in his second match 6-4,6-4,6-1.

The match against Djokovic was a very high quality match in the first set, but Nadal was able to find another level and win the set.

The match, which took place in front of a packed house in Benidorm, was described as “very emotional” by Nadal.

After the match, Djokovic said that “I played better tennis today, but in the important points I made some unforced errors that were decisive for the whole match. He showed why he’s the best in the world and so dominant on this surface. It’s hard to play against someone like Nadal who makes the transition from defence to offence so fast. But I went for my shots and I’ve got back my confidence from my Dubai win. In general it was very hard to overcome Spain in Spain, but we have to take the best out of it and hope for better luck with the draw next time.”

Nadal’s win was the win that secured a quarterfinal berth for the Spanish team, who went on to defeat Serbia 4-1.

Other Scores:
Czech Republic Defeated Frence 3-2
Argentina Defeated Netherlands 5-0
Germany Defeated Austria 3-2
Croatia Defeated Chile 5-0
Russia Defeated Romania 4-1
Sweden tied with Israel 2-2
USA leads Switzerland 2-1

(Photo via Forty Deuce)

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