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NCAA March Madness Updates–Day 3

Photo by eytonz.

Photo by eytonz.

It’s round two of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and there are some great matchups that will be played today. As usual, I will have updates about the matches throughout the day.

Game #1: 3 Villanova def. 6 UCLA 89-69

–The Wildcats were all over the Bruins from the get-go and they were pretty much scoring at will. UCLA was pretty much embarrassed in this game.

Game #2: 1 UConn def. 9 Texas A&M 92-66

–This was another Big East blowout. Texas A&M didn’t stand a chance against the Huskies.

Game #3: 1 UNC def. 8 LSU 84-70

–Well, at least this game was closer than the previous two games. Nevertheless, the Tar Heels controlled this game from the beginning.

Game #4: 2 Memphis def. 10 Maryland 89-70

–So, another top seed controlled the game and cruised to victory. This story is starting to get old…

Game #5: 2 Oklahoma def. 10 Michigan 73-63

–The Sooners were one of the many top seeds that cruised to an easy win.

Game #6: 5 Purdue def. 4 Washington 76-74

–Finally, an upset!! Plus, this game was close up until the end. This one definitely made up for the other blowouts from the morning session. Solid win for the Boilermakers, who look like they might be the dark horse of the tournament.

Game #7: 4 Gonzaga def. 12 Western Kentucky University 83-81

–The Hilltopers looked poised for another upset during the first half of this game, but the ‘Zags fought back in the second half to grind out a tough win against a very talented Western Kentucky team.

Game #8: 2 Duke def. 7 Texas 74-69

–This game was very close and Texas certainly had several opportunities to win it, but sloppy play by the Longhorns allowed Duke to pull ahead in the final minute of the game. Duke will face Villanova, who had a dominating performance against UCLA, in the Sweet 16.

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