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Alleged Shawn Johnson Stalker Arrested

Shawn Johnson competes by bryangeek.There was more drama around that Dancing with the Stars set, than just the eliminations on Tuesday. A man who was allegedly stalking Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson apparently jumped a fence at the CBS studios and was caught my security near the set.

The alleged stalker’s name was Robert O’Ryan and he reportedly told the LAPD that he “had packed all his belongings and permanently left Florida to dive out and be with [Shawn Johnson].”

Johnson’s mother Teri has requested and received a temporary restraining order against O’Ryan. She has also said that “This incident has caused us severe emotional distress, we have been on the move ever since and have not been able to rest at all for fear that this disturbed person will attempt to make good on his statements and attempt to harm my daughter and possibly us as well.”

O’Ryan, who remains in police custody, reportedly had several disturbing items in his car, including Shawn Johnson memorabilia and a handgun.

In a statement, Johnson’s rep, Susan Madore, said that “The matter has been turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. It is currently an ongoing investigation and we are confident that it will be handled appropriately by all involved.”

(Photo by Bryan Allison)

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