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World Figure Skating Championships: Brian Joubert Leads After the Short Program

The Mens Short Program is in the books and it is the Frenchman Brian Joubert who is at the top of the leaderboard. Joubert had some trouble with his quad combination, but he was able to land it. His two closest competitors, American Evan Lysacek and Canadian Patrick Chan, did not attempt a quad, but they both had flawless performances.

The leaderboard is jam-packed and the top contenders’ scores are close, so this competition will likely go down to the wire. It may very well come down to Joubert’s long program, being that it is likely that he will attempt multiple quads, while his closest competitors may not even attempt one.

As if the competition needed any more spice, there seems to be a growing rivalry between Joubert and Chan. Joubert had previously said that he was disappointed that Canadian Jeffrey Buttle won the World Championships last year without a quad in his program.

“I am disappointed to see a world champion without a quad,” Joubert said. “I am like the other skaters I don’t like to lose. I respect the other skaters, but I prefer when they beat me with the quad jump.”

Chan responded to those comments by saying “I think Joubert is constantly, always complaining. Because he never has anything else to say…If you’re going to say, let’s all do quads, then he better have three quads in his program and do them good. Or else he has nothing to say. He just says that because he just wants to have an excuse.”

Top 5 After the Short Program:
1) Brian Joubert–84.40 (FRA)
2) Evan Lysacek–82.70 (USA)
2) Patrick Chan–82.55 (CAN)
4) Tomas Verner–80.36 (CZE)
5) Takahiko Kozuka–79.35 (JPN)

Here are the Joubert, Lysacek, and Chan’s Short Programs:

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