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Figure Skating World Championships: Evan Lysacek Wins the Gold

Evan Lysacek by compose-r.net.Evan Lysacek entered the competition without the pressure that he has become accustomed to, especially since his season had gone so poorly, up to this point. When he entered the rink to skate his free skate, he knew that he would have to deliver because Canada’s Patrick Chan had already skated and although he wasn’t perfect, he had delivered a very solid routine. It was then that the brilliance began.

Lysacek, who skated to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” cleanly landed eight triple jumps and received the highest level for all of his spins. He had a powerful straight line footwork sequence near the end of the program and from then on, the crowd was in a frenzy. In fact, the standing ovation began before his program was over. Even Lysacek couldn’t hide his excitement, as he shook his fists during his final element, a combination spin. The look on his face after he finished his program said it all, the Los Angeles native was overcome with joy.

France’s Brian Joubert, who was the leader after the short program, skated after Joubert, but he had a mistake on one of his landings and he fell flat on his stomach after attempting a double axel at the end of his program. It just wasn’t his night.

This victory for Lysacek makes him the early favorite for the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver. However, a man hasn’t won the world title and then the Olympics in the next year since Scott Hamilton in 1983-1984.

Final Results:
1) Evan Lysacek        –242.23 (USA)
2) Patrick Chan         –237.58 (CAN)
3) Brian Joubert         –235.97 (FRA)
4) Tomas Verner       –231.71 (CZE)
5) Samuel Contesti    –226.97 (ITA)

Here is the video of Evan Lysacek’s Winning Free Skate:

(Photo by compose-r.net)

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