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Quotes of the Week: University of Connecticut and Jim Calhoun

BigEastQuarterFinals_20090312_29 by allenmock.Jim Calhoun’s quote in regards to the allegations of major recruiting violations involving former UConn player Nate Miles:

“Could I have made a mistake? Sure. The [rules] manual is 508 pages. Someone could’ve made a mistake. I’ve heard the expression that clear skies don’t fear thunder. I feel very good after talking to my athletic director and talking to the people working on the situation right now. But could it be hurtful? Yeah, it could be hurtful.”

UConn’s statement regarding the controversy:

“When the University began its recruitment of the student-athlete named in the article, it utilized the University’s outside counsel on NCAA related matters who worked collaboratively with the NCAA staff to examine all aspects of his amateur status, as is expected under NCAA rules. The NCAA’s Eligibility Center reviewed all information that it had concerning the student-athlete’s eligibility status and determined that he was eligible for his freshman year.”

The NCAA’s response to Connecticut’s statement:

“NCAA member institutions and prospective student-athletes share responsibility to provide all applicable information to the NCAA for review during the initial eligibility process,” the statement said. “The NCAA Eligibility Center determines a prospective student-athlete’s eligibility to compete in college athletics based on the Association’s academic and amateurism requirements. During this process, the NCAA evaluates all the information provided and reviews further if appropriate. In this instance, the NCAA did not receive the information or any further indications associated to the claims made in the recent Yahoo! story.”

(Photo by allenmock)

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