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Thoughts on the Elite Eight

tyler hansbrough dunk by reidspice.-Most Impressive Team: Louisville
The Cardinals took a few games to get settled in, but when they did, they let it all hang out. Their game against the Arizona Wildcats was a 103-64 blowout and it was essentially over by the end of the first half. Louisville’s roster is very deep and they showed it against Arizona, as they had a whopping five players in double figures. That kind of production is expected from Terrence Williams, but to get that kind of production from Edgar Sosa, Jerry Smith, and freshman Samardo Samuels is a good sign for the overall number one seed.

-Least Impressive: Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh was down early to Xavier and it was the last minute heroics from Levance Fields that got them through to the Elite Eight. They have struggled in every round, thus far and even though they have always found a way to win, I wonder if they will be able to pull that off against better competition. Plus, they will next play Villanova, who defeated them in the regular season.

-Biggest Surprise: Missouri
Memphis had been on a roll, but they were were quickly stopped by Mizzou, who dominated them. In the battle of the Tigers, Missouri clobbered Memphis 102-91and they certainly looked like the tougher team throughout the game. Memphis may not have played against this tough of competition during the regular season, but they didn’t meet expectations, while Mizzou definitely exceeded theirs.

-Most Consistent Team: Connecticut
UConn has yet to be pushed in the Tourney, thus far and the 72-60 scoreline against Purdue is closer than it really was. The Huskies were a bit slow in the first half, and yet they were still in the lead. It was in the second half, however, that the game fell apart for Purdue, as the Big East co-player of the year, Hasheem Thabeet, took control of the game. The Huskies will face a tougher challenge against Missouri, but it is still hard to imagine them losing the game.

(Photo by reidspice)

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