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World Figure Skating Championships: Yu-Na Kim Wins the Gold

Yu-Na Kim’s short program was impressive, but her free skating was also record-breaking. She performed her free skate effortlessly, with only one mistake, en route to a whopping 207.71 points. Not only was the she first South Korean to win the gold, but she was the first woman to have a score that was more than 200 points. Kim’s performance to “Scheherazade” was clearly in a league of its own and she blew away the competition. Second placed Joannie Rochette of Canada was 16 points behind Kim and her main rival, Mao Asada was 20 points behind and off of the podium.

After the medal ceremony, Kim said that “Always when I heard the anthem [before], I got teary and it got to the verge of crying. But I always kept it in,” she said. “Today because it was a dream come true, I couldn’t hold it in.”

Asada, who is Kim’s main rival, fell on her second triple axel and her program seemed to be centered around the jumps with little choreography in between them. In the end, it wasn’t enough for her to make the podium, as she finished in fourth. After her performance, Asada, who looked as if she had been crying, said that “I was thinking about being a champion again, but instead of thinking about that, I needed to have concentrated on completing my elements.”

Japan’s Miki Ando had a clean free skate and thus earned the bronze medal.

American’s Rachel Flatt and Alissa Czisny finished 5th and 11th respectively and the U.S. will only be able to send two women to the Vancouver Olympics, next year.

Here is Yu-Na Kim’s Free Skate:

(Photo by dno1967)

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