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Personal Issues Behind Sergio’s Struggles?

Photo of Sergio Garcia and Morgan-Leigh Norman via The One Eyed Golfer.

Photo of Sergio Garcia and Morgan-Leigh Norman via The One Eyed Golfer.

Sergio Garcia was clearly lacking confidence during the Player’s Championship. Even after a solid one-under 71 in the first round, he acted as if he didn’t have a chance in the world of winning the tournament; in fact, when he spoke to the media, he sounded like he would much rather be at home than playing. By the end of the weekend, Garcia wasn’t in contention for the victory, but he did finish at 3-under (tied for 22) and surprisingly, the guy who supposedly has extreme putting problems finished 7th in putts per GIR and 20th in putts per round. It wasn’t a win, but considering his season thus far, it was a step in the right direction, and yet, Garcia spoke as if he didn’t have any confidence in his game.

“I obviously am not feeling 100 percent with my game at the moment and it shows,” said Garcia. “I’m just not having a great time on the course. I’m working on trying to change that.”

What could possibly be causing such distress for Garcia? It could be his personal life. During the Golf Central telecast after the first round of the Players, there were allusions to some personal problems in his life that could be affecting his game. Well, word on the street is that Garcia and his on-off girlfriend of three years Morgan-Leigh Norman, who is the daughter of Greg Norman, are over. Sergio, who has always been known to be an emotional guy, was said to have been very affected by the break up. He has even gone on to say that “I don’t like to talk about my personal life in the media. That’s part of what’s going on. My parents are concerned, my close people around me. I haven’t been myself, but things will change. I am, by nature, happy.”

Hopefully, Sergio can take his performance at the Player’s Championship as a positive step and move forward. When he is at his best, he can beat anyone and he can light up the gallery with his million dollar smile. Better get your act together Sergio…the Open Championship isn’t too far away.

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