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America’s Pastime at its Best!

Photo by Amy Witt.

Photo by Amy Witt.

I am a sports fan at heart. So, it’s no suprise that I often enjoy various random and obscure sporting events. Well, the event that my eyes have been glued to lately isn’t all that random or obscure; but, it is often overshadowed in the realm that is the sports universe, particularly during this time of the year, when NHL and NBA championships were recently crowned and golf and tennis have major tournaments on the horizon.

The College Baseball World Series, however, is what has captivated me, as of late. I was initially drawn to college baseball because of the success that the UC Irvine Anteaters had last season. They were an exciting team to watch and I couldn’t help but be focused on the television during their games. This year, however, Irvine lost in the regionals, so I was left with a flurry of teams that I had never seen before. The quality of these games have been absolutely fantastic!

In a time in which Major League Baseball is flooded with doubt, due to the steroids scandal that casts a shadow on nearly every top pitcher and home run hitter, there is something to be said about small ball and about young pitchers dueling until the end. The College Baseball World Series is baseball at its best. It’s the baseball that kids play in Little League, just these kids are a bit bigger and many of them are already signed with MLB teams.

The perfect example this came just within the past few hours, when Arkansas faced Virginia. It was a pitchers duel up until the bottom of the 5th, when the Cavaliers were able to get a 2 run lead. By the 8th, Virginia was up 3-1, and they had their eyes eliminating the razorbacks, only to see their lead evaporated in the 9th. Not another run would be scored until the 12th, when Arkansas scored, courtesy of a double from pinch-hitter Andrew Darr.

So, in the future, keep an eye out for the College Baseball World Series games. Who knows, you might enjoy it!

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