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Daily Rant: Vikings’ Stadium Not Going to Happen

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press had stated that the Minnesota Vikings have virtually no chance of getting the public approval that’s necessary in order for them to get a new stadium. Their lease with the Metrodome ends after the 2011 season, so this decision will obviously put the hopes of the Vikings staying in Minnesota in jeopardy. I can understand if the public fears the costs that would come from a new stadium, especially because the pre-Favre Vikings often had a difficult time selling tickets. What I don’t understand, however, is how the Twins and the University of Minnesota both got new stadiums, but not the Vikes.

Over the past decade…

The Minnesota Twins have made the playoffs five times, all of which came via them winning the AL Central division title. That’s about where their success ends, however, as they have lost in the ALDS during each of those five appearances. In fact, they have only won a measly total of three games during those short playoff runs.

The Golden Gophers of Minnesota haven’t fared well during the past decade. This year, they finished 6-7 overall and 8th place in the Big Ten. They played in the Insight Bowl, which they lost to Iowa State and they currently have a four-bowl losing streak. In fact, during the past decade, they have been in eight bowl games of which they only won three. Since 2000, Minnesota has a record of 62-62 record.

Since 2000, the Vikings have won 3 division titles and have made the playoffs four times. Now that Mike Tice’s unsuccessful reign (which lasted from 2001-2005) is over, the Vikings have taken positive strides, which is shown through them winning back-to-back NFC North titles in the past two years. The acquisition of Brett Favre has also greatly helped with their former ticket sale woes.

Obviously the Vikes don’t have a stellar record over the past decade, but they have had similar successes to the Twins and in my opinion, have fared better than the Golden Gophers. How the Twins and the Golden Gophers can get new stadiums, but the Vikes don’t is beyond me. I have heard rumors of the Vikings moving from Minnesota to LA, but I have several problems with that. First of all, the Vikings just don’t seem to blend in with the glitz that is normally seen from LA teams. There is something about the aura of the Lakers that makes them fit in the Hollywood scene, but the Vikes don’t have that same feel. Speaking of the Lakers, their team colors are purple and gold, which just so happen to be the same colors that the Vikings have. I will take a wild guess and say that the Vikes will be forced to change their colors, but the Blue Boomers doesn’t incite fear in me as did the Purple People Eaters, but I guess it could work. What would really upset me about such a change, however, is the rivalries that would be lost. Think about how we loved watching Favre and the Vikes play the Packers twice this season…well, that would be gone. Instead, we would likely get to see the men in purple blue? face the Cards, Seahawks, and 49ers. Wow, I’m itching to see those matchups! Not really…

The fact of the matter is that football, like any sport, is a business and money takes precedence over the values and traditions of the sport. Put it this way, I would rather see Adrian Peterson trouncing the Pack or the Lions than frolicking down Rodeo Dr. with Paris Hilton and I hope it stays that way.

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