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Andy Murray is Determined to Win a Slam

Photo by Christian Mesiano

For the number four ranked tennis player in the world, 2010 is about the majors. It’s been 74 years since a British tennis player has won a grand slam tournament and the Brits made it clear during Wimbledon last season that they’re ready for that drought to end. Murray, who is currently playing as a member of the British Hopman Cup team, told reporters that he has tweaked his schedule in order to best prepare himself for the majors. For example, Murray will be arriving in Australia sooner than he typically does in order to combat jet lag and he is even considering playing in the Kooyong Classic, which takes place next week.

Eurosport reported that Murray said “Last year I thought did well, but a few things I could have done a bit better. This year is all about getting prepared for the slams, and making sure I am in the best shape going into them. If I feel good going into the tournaments, especially on the hard courts and the grass, I have got a pretty good chance of beating any of the guys and winning the tournament, so I believe I can do well this year.”

Murray pulled out of Britain’s first Davis Cup tie of the season, which has sparked controversy throughout Britain. Britain is currently placed in the third tier of Davis Cup and they will face Lithuania in March. Murray, however, defended him decision to reporters.

“I’ve played a lot of Davis Cup matches the last few years and enjoyed playing in them, but when I play and we lose I don’t feel like it benefits the other (British) players that much,” said the Scot. “I think it is a bit unfair to single me out for that (missing the tie), (Roger) Federer has missed Davis Cup matches, Rafael (Nadal) has missed Davis Cup matches, (Novak) Djokovic has missed Davis Cup matches, (Pete) Sampras, (Andre) Agassi. A lot better players than me have missed Davis Cup matches. I am not abandoning Great Britain, I am representing them here as well.”

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