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BREAKING NFL NEWS: Carroll New Seahawks’ Head Coach, Manning Wins MVP

Former USC head coach Pete Carroll has agreed to become the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Also, Peyton Manning won the MVP award with over 39.5 percent of the vote. Manning ran away with his 4th MVP award.

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Dungy to Retire

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment

He has always been a class act as he has lead the Indianapolis Colts to countless wins, including Super Bowl XLI. In his 13 years of coaching, Dungy has 148 career wins, which is 19th all time. In addition, he is the only African-American coach to win a Super Bowl. He is also the only coach to reach the playoffs in 10 consecutive seasons.

The Colts are scheduled to hold a press conferance at 5pm EST and it is during this conferance that Dungy is expected to step down.

They’re on the Charge

Photo by Noah Coffey

Photo by Noah Coffey

In the second of the Saturday playoff games, the San Diego Chargers who defeated the visiting Indianapolis Colts 23-17 in overtime, boosting their current winning streak to 5. Before the start of the game, the focus was squarely on Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who did start and even scored a touchdown. Philip Rivers, however, was the key to this team. He was constantly under pressure by the Colt’s defense; but, he was able to persevere and make the necessary plays to lead his team to victory.

The game was tied at 17 at the end of regulation and San Diego won the coin toss to receive the ball first in overtime. The Chargers methodically moved down the field; but, it was consecutive defensive holding and facemask penalties against Indianapolis that greatly aided the Chargers in their victory. It was Darren Sproles who eventually ran 22 yards for the touchdown and the victory.

The Chargers will next face either Pittsburgh (if Baltimore wins) or Tennessee (if Miami wins)

Another Coaching Vacancy?

January 3, 2009 1 comment
Photo by Jason Borneman.

Photo by Jason Borneman.

The NFL has seen a flurry of head coaches fired in the last week; but, there may be another vacancy in the near future. Indianapolis Colt’s head coach Tony Dungy is reportedly contemplating retirement. This is a decision that he has had to make each of the last four seasons and, of course, he has always previously chosen to remain as the head coach of the Colts. The decision will reportedly be made in the first few weeks of the offseason. For the time being, however, the Colts’ first playoff game, against the San Diego Chargers, is what is on his mind.

The Chargers will host Indy in the second of two playoff games to be played tomorrow.

Peyton Manning named NFL MVP

Photo by Paul Everett.

Photo by Paul Everett.

Peyton Manning has won the AP NFL MVP award, becoming only the second player in history to be a three-time MVP. The Colts began the season at 3-4; but, have finished the year with a 9-game winning streak. Manning has, of course, been an integral part of the Colts’ comeback. This is Manning’s ninth 4,000+ yard season, during which he has thrown 27 touchdown passes with only 12 interceptions. In response to being named the MVP, Manning stated that this season has ” been the most rewarding regular season that I’ve been a part of in my 11 years, and I have to believe a lot of the other players and even coaches might feel the same way.”

Manning easily won the MVP vote, getting 32 votes overall. His next two closest competitors were Chad Pennington and Michael Turner, who received 4 votes each.

Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs begin tomorrow and I’m already excited for it. When I have looked at other playoff prediction articles, everyone seems to have picked the favorites; but, I’m thinking that there may be an upset or two.

Photo by Jeff Rivers.

Photo by Jeff Rivers.

Atlanta at Arizona: I happened to see a couple of both Atlanta and Arizona’s final games of the season and that’s why I don’t think that the Cardinals will favor well against the Falcons. Atlanta has won five of their six games and they have one of the best running games in the league, led by Michael Turner, who is second only to Adrian Peterson in rushing yards. Arizona’s rushing defense isn’t very good, as it ranks 16th in the league and their game against Minnesota shows just how effectively they can stop a powerful running back. I expect Atlanta to run all over the slumping Cardinals.

Indianapolis at San Diego: This is one of the tougher games to pick; but, I’m going to go with my gut. There is something about this San Diego team that just reaks of inconsistency. They are currently on a 4-game win streak; but, when you see that three of those wins were against the Raiders, Cheifs, and Bucs, it doesn’t seem quite as impressive. Indy is a seasoned playoff team that is used to excelling in this type of pressure-packed situation. I think that Peyton Manning will lead his team to a victory.

Baltimore at Miami: I think that Sunday will be the day of upsets. Personally, I love watching Miami play. They are a very exciting team and are the masters of executing the Wildcat offense. I don’t expect Miami to be able to confuse the Raven’s defense, which is one of the best in the league. I, however, trust Chad Pennington much more than I trust standout rookie Joe Flacco. Flacco has been impressive; but, he just hasn’t been in this position before. This will be a close game; but, I think that Miami will get the upset in front of their home crowd.

Photo by Alex Thompson.

Photo by Alex Thompson.

Philadelphia at Minnesota: This is definitely my biggest upset pick of the day. Everyone is talking about the resurrection of the Eagles that we had become accustomed to seeing over the past few years after their very lopsided win against the Dallas Cowboys. But, for some reason, I’m not so impressed. I watched the game and their win was greatly due to Dallas’ mistakes more than their own play. The Cowboys played about as poorly as any NFL team has played all season. I think that even Detroit played most of their games better than how Dallas played against Philly. I certainly don’t expect a surging Minnesota team to play this poorly. The Vikes have the top running back in the league in Adrian Peterson and the best rushing defense in the league. Philly, therefore, will have to rely predominantly on their passing game if they want to win this one. This shouldn’t be a problem for seasoned veteran Donovan McNabb. But, for some reason, I just don’t see the Eagles fairy tale continuing. Minnesota has recently been aided by the good play of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson and if he plays the way he has recently, which I expect him to do, the Vikes should be just fine. In my upset pick, I will take the Vikings over the Eagles.